Creative child Educational package formed from mechanical engineering structure pieces

This pack is made for children that like robotics and mechanical toys and enjoy making things. it contains all sort of mechanical engineering pieces. These mechanical engineering pieces contains belts (straps),cornerstones, nuts and bolts, wrench, screw driver, channels and…

 Mechanical engineering is based on physics and it is counted as one of the subsets of physics .Mechanical engineering is the infrastructure of all other engineering fields. The world that we are living in is full of structures and devices that are based on mechanical engineering . structures like bridges ,apartments ,houses and all other structures, includes mechanical engineering.  By using this field we can make different 3D objects, mechanical stuff and all other things.

Around 110 years ago in England a person named Frank Hornby invented mechanical engineering toys and different mechanical pieces in order to teach mechanical engineering in an easier way. He was responsible for designing the pieces and mechanical engineering structures. Frank Hornby was the first person who introduced mechanical structure pieces to the world. He was a businessman and a politician that believed mechanical engineering should be taught in easier methods and simpler ways so everybody could understands it.

He believed that we should teach mechanics in easier ways and in order to prove himself he invented a mechanical package named ‘’mechanics made easy’’ that included a bunch of structures and mechanical principles that were simplified so toddlers could understand it

The advantages of Creative child Educational package to other package that are made in other countries is:

Creative child Educational package includes: books and educational headlines that were made and designed by four professional and skilled groups  that collaborated with each other. These groups are:

1-consulting and psychology group

2-literary group for making story and poems

3-mechanical engineering  group

4-designing and illustration group

This package is designed in a way that students can make different  structures  in every session  just by watching the instructional video and this can help the students to improve there creativity a lot. This product is made with the justification of center of intellectual developments of children and teenagers of Iran

Robotic educational pack (creative child)

The goal from working with this pack is to improve the entrepreneurship skills for children. For this purpose Based on the children personality the teacher plans to improve the kids personality and help him to grow his creativity and it also can improve Childrens Social , emotional , cognitive and physical movement skills . this pack can improve there self steam , encourage them to have perseverance and will power ,increase there motive, flexibility and make them focus better. Concentration and intelligence of the kids is one of the factors that they need in order to improve there creativity.